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RECOMMENDED 10 February, 2022
Classic 2D platformer with challenging puzzles and physics-based game play. Dolphins vs aliens? You got it!

RECOMMENDED 10 February, 2022
Fun survival game to play with friends. Build and fortify your raft with floating trash collected from the sea, like plastic bottles & pieces of wood – much like the state of the ocean today.

RECOMMENDED 10 February, 2022
Ethereal and mysterious, this underwater adventure game features challenging puzzles as you explore the depths. Harness the power of fellow creatures to progress. Really unique art-style.

RECOMMENDED 10 February, 2022
Every decision and action influences the many possible endings in this fun indie game. Meet many charming and funny characters as you unravel the mystery of the world around you. Fantastic artwork.

RECOMMENDED 10 February, 2022
An immersive, relaxing and atmospheric experience with a great soundtrack and a poignant focus on the issues facing the ocean today like pollution and deep-sea drilling. Explore the ocean and relax!

RECOMMENDED 10 February, 2022
A heartwarming and charming game focused on the beauty of nature and how we must protect it. With lots of fun little challenges and puzzles, Alba is a short but rewarding game that captures the heart.

RECOMMENDED 10 February, 2022
Incredibly relaxing and jaw-droppingly beautiful. Showcasing the marvels of the ocean as you explore and solve puzzles. The music is a delight on the ears and well worth experiencing for yourself.

A captivating exploration game that truly reveals the awe and mystery of the Ocean - even an alien one! You can easily lose hours of time while you balance the urge to explore and your need to survive

RECOMMENDED 10 February, 2022
I Am Fish is a fun physics-based game where you must reunite with your fish friends and escape into the Ocean! A challenging yet rewarding game which donates 12.5p per sale to WDC's conservation work.

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