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A site like ours can be a bit bewildering when you first visit. We know that, so have created some simple ways for you to get started. Each of the following sections offers written advice along with narrated videos to talk you through the basics of using the site.

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The homepage offers a number of ways for you to find really good games for your family.

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You can create, save and share your own list of games on the website. To do this you simple click the heart icon on the screen shot or game page. These are automatically saved for you. You can share your list, and keep it safe, by creating an account on the site:
  • Use the Register link at the top of the page to create your User Account.
  • Use the Hearts to add liked games to your list.
  • Use the Heart at the top-right to view your liked games.
  • Copy and share the URL to send your list to friends.

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You can find really affordable games for your family through the discounts and sales we list on the site. You can access this information in a number of ways:
  • Browse the Offers page.
  • View the Offers on an individual game page MONEYCosts section.
  • Use the Special Offer Search to refine a list of cheap games by selecting the PEGI/ESRB Rating, System and other criteria.

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The database is a great way to check the ratings and details of games your child may ask to play. If a game isn't appropriate for them, the database provides a number of ways to find age-appropriate alternatives for them to play.
  • Similar Games Search
  • Filter Search by Age Rating

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Because we record details information about the accessibility features of each game on the database you can search for games that suit your accessibility requirements, in combination with the usual search.
  • Use the Search menu.
  • Enter general search criteria.
  • Use the Show Accessibility Filters to view these additional fields.
  • Enter your accessibility criteria and use the Search button.

Understanding Information Provided For Each Video Game

The information in the database is aimed at parents and carers, who we assume may not have detailed understanding of the ins and outs of game. We spend time researching the following key information to enable parents and carers to make informed decisions about video games while respecting their time pressures:
  • Overview: A short overview written to explain the game to parents and carers without jargon or assumed knowledge and with an eye on why the game is interesting or unusual.
  • Duration: The amount of time it will take to play the game and how long sessions are likely to be. These times are adjusted for family players who may have more interruptions and not race through games as quickly.
  • Players: How many people you need to be able to play the game. Including notes on multiplayer modes that let you play together and how many controllers you might need.
  • Cost: We add details on in-game purchases, "loot boxes" and battle/season passes. We also note how the in-game purchases work and how to save money buying special editions or up-front packs. We get this information by checking all the digital stores and publisher websites for the game.
  • Ratings: You will notice other video game database sites may have inconsistent or missing PEGI ratings. We spend considerable time on each of the entries in our database to find the right PEGI ratings from a number of official places. PEGI app and VSC Game Ratings website are brilliant. For digital-only games initially rated by a developer questionnaire rather than an examiner (via the IARC system), we find those via the Google Play Store, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation or Xbox store. If a game is only digital and on PC or on the iOS App Store it doesn’t have a rating so we leave it blank.
  • Accessibility: Details on how hard and how much reading the game has for new or young gamers, along with details on how it is designed to enable access for deaf, hard of hearing, partially sighted, blind or motor-impaired people. This is divided into Difficulty, Reading, Controls, Image calibration and Audio calibration.
  • Similar Games: Every game is listed with 10 or so other games you might want to try next. Unlike other database sites where these are automatically matched for a game, we hand pick every suggestion to ensure it has a similar theme or interaction. As well as another game to play next, these selections are designed to provide a list of games of a younger rating that can offer an alternative for younger players.

How To Update Accessibility Data

We work with a range of accessibility experts and professionals to help keep the data in the database up to date and accurate.
  • Create a User Account.
  • Email our editor to request access to the editing functionality.
  • Once approved you can then use the Edit Accessibility Data button to access the edit screen.
  • Changes are applied by closing the edit page at the top.

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Taming Gaming Book Written by parents for parents, the database complements the in-depth discussion about video game addiction, violence, spending and online safety in the Taming Gaming book. We are an editorially independent, free resource without adverts that is supported by partnerships.

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