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Family Gaming Live
Family Gaming Live is a space we have run at a wide range of Expos, Festivals and Community events. Unlike other video game stands, this isn't just a bunch of game kiosks for kids to play. We create hosted, calm, welcoming spaces for families to play together, discover new games, laugh and recharge.

Family Gaming Live is a hosted space where each visitor is guided to a game that will work for them. Like arriving at a Restaurant or Bar we find you a table and something to play together. Experts are on hand for those parents and carers who haven't played much before.

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For each event we create a bespoke page on the database. This is a great way for people to see what games they can try before coming to the event. On event day they can use the bespoke Game Finder page to search for games that are a good match for their family, including the Platform, Players and Age Rating they need:

Internet Not Required

Over the years we've run these spaces in all sorts of settings. Schools, Colleges, Festivals as well as the larger Expos. They work as well in a field without internet as they do in London's impressively resourced Excel centre. All we need is power and tables, we can organise everything else you need to play. For example, we've run the Joust game at Greenbelt festival for a number of years:

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Games The Fit Your Context

A popular aspect of the spaces we run is working with a specific theme of an event. This may be something like games for a particular age group. But equally, we specialise in exhibiting games around specific themes. You name it, we'll bring games that connect with, inspire and provoke new ideas on topics that are important to your event. To name a few, how about games that address co-operation, social justice, dreaming up the future, understanding relationships, displaced people, laughter or storytelling.

Accessible and Approachable

Xbox Adaptive Controller at ExpoAs well as offering an approachable way to find great games, we also provide support for accessibility. These events are also a chance for families to try out accessibility features of the games where they are required. The event page also lets you filter games for accessibility requirements, for example Games at MCM Comic Con with Large Clear Subtitles.

Our experts are also on hand to find games that don't have unavoidable unintended barriers for you. We often have specialist accessibility controllers for you to try, with advice on how best to set these up for your family's needs.

Book An Event

If you'd like us to host a space like this at an event you are running, then please get in touch with our editor, who'll be happy to talk about the best option for your needs.

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Xbox Adaptive Controller at Expo
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