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Family Game Database
September Newsletter
Author: Jo Robertson

19/08/2021 / 2 years ago / Author: Jo Robertson

It’s been a busy month on the database and we’ve loved discovering new games and creating new lists to help you find them.

Games Watch

Each month we track which games parents are Googling on the site. You can view the fill list in the What's Hot page, but here are some important games for you to keep an eye on this month:

What We’ve Been Talking About

On our parenting blog we’ve been looking into all sorts of topics about raising children who love to play video games (sometimes a bit too much). Topics like finding games that fit around your family life and guidance on choosing appropriate games for younger children. We also reflect on advice from parents on what they wish they had known about video games when their children were small.

What’s New This Month

We have added 47 new games to the database for all sorts of players. From Road 96 and its sprawling adventure to the pixel-perfect jumping of OCO. Our favourite three games released this month are:

New Curated Lists

We love putting together lists of games that highlight different ways to play. This month we had the chance to work with some organisations and people that help us add new lists to the database. From games that get children into science to stories where your choices matter.

Video Game Parenting Tip

Each month we pick out one piece of advice from the Taming Gaming book.
"You can set up your console, gaming computer, tablet or smartphone to limit access to games of certain PEGI or ESRB content rating." Read more about how to do this in our First Steps Into Family Gaming feature.
Taming Gaming Book Written by parents for parents, the database complements the in-depth discussion about video game addiction, violence, spending and online safety in the Taming Gaming book. We are an editorially independent, free resource without adverts that is supported by partnerships.

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