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Motion Gaming Lists

These are games that can be played with different sorts of motion controls. They focus on the options for different hardware and controllers, but also uncover the unusual interactions and physical engagement that video games offer.

The PlayStation 5 DualSense controller added new features over the PlayStation 4 DualShock controller. It added a higher-quality microphone, a larger more sensitive touchpad, a longer battery and a more robust USB C charger cable. That last one is a welcome addition as DualShock controllers' charge cables often wear out over time.

23/03/2021 / 2 years ago

After the Wii's success, PlayStation added motion controls to its PlayStation 3 controller. Although a novelty at first, this continued to mature in PlayStation 4 games and its DualShock 4 controller that included motion detection as well as a Touchpad and speaker.

23/03/2021 / 2 years ago

There are lots of games that help you exercise and stay fit. We've pulled together a list of the best of these; games that don't just incentivise activity with on-screen rewards but that integrate the workout into the gameplay. We all know about Wii Sports but there are so many other ways that video games can help you stay healthy and active while you can't get out as much.

26/04/2020 / 3 years ago

The Switch took the motion control Wii Remotes of the Wii and Wii U and attached them to the screen. This offers a versatile way to play on the go or on the TV (with the controllers detached. However, it also means that there are fewer games designed solely around the Joy-Con motion control abilities.

08/09/2021 / 2 years ago

Growing up playing video games has taught us that controllers with two sticks are a good way to move around a game. One controls looking and the other controls movement. Or maybe you prefer a mouse and keyboard?

07/12/2021 / 2 years ago

The Wii created a new genre of motion-controlled video games. But its initial Wii Remote controller was a little limited. Nintendo shortly brought out an addition that added more one-to-one detection of movement: Motion Plus.

03/07/2020 / 3 years ago

The PlayStation Move controllers look similar to the Wii Remote, although black and with more buttons and a rubber light-up bulb. They offer a different and intuitive way to control compatible games.

23/03/2021 / 2 years ago

Video games take you to virtual worlds for adventures, challenges and stories. Virtual Reality games extend this experience by putting the world right in front of your eyes and then matching your motions and head movements with the game.

11/05/2021 / 2 years ago

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