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Creative Arts

Art activities that are inspired and enriched by video games can be anything from music, drawing, painting, writing, photography or creative craft. Games can fuel this sort of creativity in many ways, from the places games take you to, the characters you meet, machines you fix, challenges you take on or emotions of the stories.

The experience of playing many video games is actually quite a lot like that feeling of making art. The way Roger Ebert describes the experience of creative flow is actually a good description of the experience of digital play:

“Anyone who has ever painted or drawn knows the experience of dropping out of the world of words and time. A state of reverie takes over; there is no sensation of the passing of hours. The voice inside our head that allows us to talk to ourselves falls silent, and there is only colour, form, texture and the way things flow together.”

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Era: 1999 - 2022
Activities: 11

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