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Play OverviewPlay Overview

Noita (2020) is platform adventure game in a world where each and every pixel is physically simulated. This means that the tiny elements that make up the landscape and characters have their own properties that: melt, burn, evaporate, explode, flow, float, support, stick and so on. You explore this world by taking advantage of these properties, combined with the spells you can learn.

In a similar fashion to Terraria’s mine-able underground caverns, Noita invites you to delve deep into the ground. It also has coal mines, freezing wastelands and red hot deserts all hiding unknown mysteries. Here though, the idea is not to survive forever and build a home, but to plunge deep into the world until you die, and then start again with what you’ve learnt.

You can craft your own spells by combining the different magical elements you learn. These may focus on crushing your enemies or simply manipulate the world to do it for you. You can see what anything is made of my hovering the cursor over it. In the same way, your character will be affected by the pixels you touch, getting wet, cold or on fire.

Our examiner, Andy Robertson, first checked Noita 3 years ago. It was re-examined by Jo Robertson and updated 4 months ago.
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Play StylePlay Style

This is a Platform and Simulation game with Action, Fighting, Shooting and Traversal elements. This is a single-player game.


Play Time: This game will take between 20 hours and 30 hours to complete.

Age RatingsAge Ratings

Content Rating

We haven’t documented this game’s content rating.

Not rated yet, but likely to be PEGI 16 and ESRB MATURE 17+ as it includes burning and shooting characters who produce blood and can be dismembered.


Noita usually costs £15.49.


Steam Store PC £15.49
There are no additional in-game purchases, loot boxes, adverts or subscription costs.

DetailsGame Details

Release Date: 05/10/2020

Out Now: PC

Players: 1

Genres: Platform, Simulation (Action, Fighting, Shooting and Traversal)

Accessibility: 12 features

Components: 2D Side-On, Open World and Pixels

Developer: Nolla Games (@NollaGames)

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