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13 Accessibility Features

We've documented 13 accessibility features for Klask, including Playable Without Hearing, Large Clear Text on Board (Or no text required), No Text, Low Impact and Play Order Tokens (Or play order doesn’t change). Its accessibility is strongest in Difficulty and Getting Started but it also has features in Reading and Audio to reduce unintended barriers.

This report is created with input from accessibility experts and the player community to help people find games that have the accessibility features they require. Once you have found potential games on the database, there are excellent specialist accessibility sites that offer in-depth reviews to guide your purchasing decisions.

Klask is an action board game that combines aspects of table football and air hockey. Your aim is to use your under-the-table-magnet-controlled player to push the ball into the opponent's goal. The twist is that you lose points if you inadvertently push your player into your hole or knock into the other pieces in play. It's a raucous but highly skilled game of cat and mouse as you try and outmanoeuvre your opponent without coming a cropper.

External examiner, GUEST USER, first checked Klask accessibility 14 months ago. It was re-examined by GUEST USER and updated 14 months ago.

DetailsGame Details

Release Date: 01/01/2013

Skill Rating: 7+ year-olds

Players: 2

Genres: Action, Dexterity and Battle

Accessibility: 13 features

Components: Board, Figures and Tokens

Developer: Klask Game (@KlaskGame)

Costs: Purchase cost



We've documented 6 accessibility features for Difficulty in Klask which deal with how you can adjust the challenge of play.

Difficulty Options

No Memorisation Advantage: You don’t need to memorise and recall the state of the game, cards played, sequences and resources to play the game well. Players who are able to do this more easily are not at an advantage.

No Hidden Information: All players can see the full state of the game at all times.

No Deceit Advantage: No game mechanic where players need to deceive each other to progress. This includes bluffing and lying.

No Colour Advantage: Game can be played without colour-blindness being a barrier to performance.

No Mathematics Advantage: Game can be played effectively without doing more than simple counting. It doesn't require calculations or working with large numbers.

No Weighing Decisions: Game can be played effectively without weighing probability or choosing between competing consequences.

Getting StartedGetting Started

We've documented 4 accessibility features for Getting Started in Klask which deal with what support is offered to get started with the game.

Assistance Getting Started

These features aid your play of the game in terms of cognitive load on learning controls, dealing with pressure and coping with the environment and challenges.

Clear Manual: Game provides a manual that breaks play into number sections, groups information sensibly and uses illustrative pictures.

Getting Started Video: Game provides a tutorial video to get you started. This video must include subtitles and offer real examples of play.

Assistance Progressing

These features aid your progress through the game offering different ways of managing your pieces and progression.

Play Order Tokens (Or play order doesn’t change): Where player order impacts the game or there are multiple play phases the game provides a means of keeping track of this. Includes provision of play order tokens or use of piece/board orientation.

Low Impact: Decisions are low impact. If you get something wrong, you can still make up for it and/or progress another way.


We've documented 2 accessibility features for Reading in Klask which deal with how much reading or listening comprehension is required, how well the game provides accessible text.

Reading Level

How much reading is required to play the game and how complex the language is.

No Text: No text or numbers in the game at all. This means the game is language independent.

Necessary Text Visibility

How clear are the required text or numbers to play the game.

Large Clear Text on Board (Or no text required): Text or numbers are large and clear font at least 8mm tall (22pt) on the board and any other elements that are at a distance to the player.


We haven’t documented any accessibility features for Physical in Klask which deal with how you interact with the game components and how accommodating these are of different requirements.


We haven’t documented any accessibility features for Visual in Klask which deal with how well the game offers visual clarity and adjustments to accommodate visual needs.


We've documented 1 accessibility feature for Audio in Klask which deals with how the game supports player communication to meet a range of requirements.


How the game accommodates different styles of communication, particularly non-verbal.

Playable Without Hearing: You can play the game without the need to hear other players or sound made by game elements. Where other communication channels can be used if you have a supportive set of players, this is only included if communication can be low pressure.

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