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Play OverviewPlay Overview

Rivengard (2021) is a strategy battle game where you fight creatures with fantasy superheroes. You upgrade your team to make them as powerful as possible then use them in turn-based encounters requiring tactical prowess. Progress can be sped up by spending real money.

Your aim is to collect heroes and to defeat evil creatures such as goblins, elves, and dwarves taking over Rivengard. You takes turn to move your characters towards the enemy team and attack. Similar to chess, your character can go a limited number of spaces forward based on their power and character features.

The heroes have different attacks. Some are ranged with magic or bows being able to hit the enemies from further away, while others like swords are for close combat. Each hero also has a signature power move that can be used once each battle.

You pick your best characters to play each round and choose strategic starting positions. You attack the opposite team by moving your hero towards them into the nearby hexagons and aim your attack at the space the enemy is on. The key to winning is carefully deciding which enemy to attack to inflict the most damage.

You use coins to improve the health, range, movement, and damage of your heroes and to upgrade their weapons. As you progress through the levels you earn tokens which you use to unlock new heroes to play with.

Although the game is free, you are limited in how often you can play unless you buy diamonds with real money to gain more goes. You can also advance more quickly by spending money to get coins and upgrade your heroes faster.

Our examiner, Hannah Robertson, first checked Rivengard 3 years ago. It was re-examined by Jo Robertson and updated a year ago.
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Play StylePlay Style

This is a Collecting and Strategy game with Puzzle elements. You can play this by yourself or as a 20-player online game. There are different game modes where you can play online against other single players one-on-one or join a group to fight a common enemy with.

Cross-Platform: Can play online across iOS and Android.

You can play this game in the following styles:


Play Time: It takes between 1 minute and 5 minutes to play a round of this game.

Age RatingsAge Ratings

Content Rating

Rated PEGI 7 for mild violence.
Users Interact: The game enables players to interact and communicate with each other, so may expose players to language usually associated with older rated games.

Account Rating

You don’t need a platform subscription to play this game online.



App Store iOS Free
Android Store Android Free
This game is free to play, but there are other costs associated with this game:
  • In-Game Loot Boxes: Additional in-game purchases are offered for items that enhance the experience. These include in-game purchases of random items (known as 'loot boxes') that offer a chance of getting rare/higher-value items although common/lower-value items are more frequent.
This game is free to play. Additional in-game purchases are offered for items that enhance the experience. It encourages you to spend money on diamonds which are used as a currency in the game to buy coins and energy refills.

You can buy packs of diamonds that cost between £1.99 and £99.99 in a single purchase. The game includes chests that provide a chance of getting upgrade points and coins. It also encourages you to purchase more chests at once by offering enhanced chests for multiple purchases in one go.

It's important for parents to be aware of this before handing a device over to a younger player. 
It's important to set up your accounts and devices appropriately. More information is on our Financial Resources page.

DetailsGame Details

Release Date: 18/01/2021, updated in 2021

Price: Free

Out Now: Android and iOS

Players: 1 (20 online)

Genres: Collecting, Strategy and Puzzle

Accessibility: 19 features

Components: 2D Side-On

Developer: Snowprint Studio (@SnowprintStudio)

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