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Play OverviewPlay Overview

Vagante (2018) is an adventure game where you hunt for riches in a dark fantasy world filled with monsters, demons, and crooks. Like Spelunky, enemies are not pre-programmed but respond to the player and the environment. This creates all sorts of ways to progress, but also all sorts of way to die.

Vagante looks like many other games, however the play is unusual because each time you play the world and levels are freshly generated. When you start a run you select a unique class of character: skin, background, character and skills. Then, as you progress you can level up and develop the career and skills you have.

As you delve deeper you can discover magic items that bestow powerful enchantments and game changing abilities. These are more than novelties, and open up new strategies and ways to progress and play. Along with this, you discover information about new character classes, backgrounds, music, and more in the Book of Secrets. This opens new options and choices for subsequent runs. The world itself is also rich and invites exploration. You can discover four unique areas each with their own set of dangers such as monsters, unique bosses, and traps.

The result is a living breathing world in which to play. Unexpected things happen, not because they are scripted by the designer, but through the interaction of the different elements in the game.

Our examiner, Andy Robertson, first checked Vagante 2 years ago. It was re-examined by Jo Robertson and updated 2 years ago.
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Play StylePlay Style

This is a Platform and Simulation game with Action, Adventure, Collecting, Role-Play and Traversal elements. You can play with 1 to 4 players in the same room or as a 4-player online game. Co-operative adventure with up to four players, either locally or online through Steam.

You can play this game in the following styles:


Play Time: It takes between 2 hours and 4 hours to play a round of this game. It can take over 50 hours to see most of the game, although you can complete a single run in as little as 2 hours.

Age RatingsAge Ratings

Content Rating

This game has not yet been rated, but we anticipate it is likely to be rated PEGI 12.
Users Interact: The game enables players to interact and communicate with each other, so may expose players to language usually associated with older rated games.

Skill Level

11+ year-olds usually have the required skill to enjoy this game. Still, it's important for parents and guardians to consider the maturity required to process the game content. For children fascinated by adventures and the systems that create them, this is a greta fit.

Account Rating

You don’t need a platform subscription to play this game online.


Vagante usually costs £10.99 to £11.74. 


XBox StoreSALE PC £11.74 £2.93 until 18/07/2024
Switch Store Switch £11.59
Steam Store PC £10.99
Steam Store Mac £10.99
There are no additional in-game purchases, loot boxes, adverts or subscription costs.

DetailsGame Details

Release Date: 22/02/2018

Price: 75% off

Out Now: Mac and PC

Skill Rating: 11+ year-olds

Players: 1-4 (4 online)

Genres: Platform, Simulation (Action, Adventure, Collecting, Role-Play and Traversal)

Accessibility: 0 features documented (Tweet Developer )

Components: 2D Side-On and Pixels

Developer: Nuke Nine Games (@NukeNineGames)

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