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Play OverviewPlay Overview

Frantics (2018) is an action party game where you battle friends and family in quirky mini-games. It's played like a game show, only here each round involves a little video game. The twist is that you can sabotage the other players in various sneaky ways. Although it's a PlayStation game you control things with your Smartphone so you don't need a PS4 controller for each player.

The rounds vary from racing a go-karting to skydiving cows, balancing chickens or rocket-powered wildfowl. Like other PlayLink games, it's all controlled by swiping, tilting, shaking and flicking with your Smartphone. Along with being able to sabotage other players' screens you also get calls on your phone to tell you secret missions like ensuring another player loses. A final nice touch is when a player is out, they can still target other players to slow them down or cause them problems and stop them from winning.

The result is a surprisingly entertaining party game. The clever use of the Smartphone features makes it feel fresh and novel. But there is also a really solid PlayStation party game driving the action as well. It's a light-hearted (and cost-effective) way to get four people enjoying some video games together - without needing to buy 4 Dual Shock controllers.

Our examiner, Andy Robertson, first checked Frantics 17 months ago. It was re-examined by Jo Robertson and updated 17 months ago.
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Play StylePlay Style

This is an Action and Traversal game with Communication, Puzzle, Race, Sequencing and Shooting elements. You can play with 1 to 4 players in the same room, but you can’t play it online. To play each player downloads and installs the free Frantics app to their tablet/smartphone and then connects to the same Wi-Fi network as the PS4 console.

You can play this game in the following styles:


Play Time: It takes between half an hour and 40 minutes to play a round of this game. You play a series of games that combine scores to result in an overall winner.

Age RatingsAge Ratings

Content Rating

This game has been rated PEGI 3.

Skill Level

7+ year-olds usually have the required skill to enjoy this game. Younger players need to be able to navigate a smartphone. It's a game about direct competition so you need to be happy to lose sometimes. Also, you have to cope with being targeted by other players.



PlayStation Store PS4 -
There are no additional in-game purchases, loot boxes, adverts or subscription costs.

DetailsGame Details

Release Date: 07/03/2018

Out Now: PS4

Skill Rating: 7+ year-olds

Players: 1-4

Genres: Action, Traversal (Communication, Puzzle, Race, Sequencing and Shooting)

Accessibility: 0 features documented (Tweet Developer )

Components: 2D Overhead

Developer: @Nap Nok Games (@NapNokGames)

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