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Learn English
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For those learning to read, or learning to read English as a second language, video games offer an opportunity to play and interact with the meaning of words. Many games include written dialogue or subtitles of spoken performances, but more interesting in this context are games that use words and sentences as a form of interaction.

There are games like A Dark Room, that offer nouns and verbs as the means of interacting with the world. There are games like Scribblenauts, that let the player enter words to conjure items to solve problems. There are games like Nanotale where you need to enter words to record items in your catalogue and advance the story.

Other games are also useful to those learning English as a second language as you easily can switch between different languages. Also, you can play dialogue-heavy games at your own pace as the action won’t advance without you.
This list includes 21 games from the last 15 years, with 302 likes. They come from a range of different genres and play-styles and are all good games if you want to Learn English as second language.

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