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If you have enjoyed the Traitors TV Show or similar shows that came before and inspired it, like The Mole. Here is a list of games that also offer you the chance to be a Faithful or a Traitor in lots of different ways.

Maybe this is to secretly do the dirty on your teammates to win a game of Among Us, or get away with being a double agent in Subdefuge. These games aren't only a lot of fun for the family, they are a great way to learn how people behave in groups and to practice communication skills.
This list includes 26 games from the last 20 years, with 1,035 likes. They come from a range of different genres and play-styles and are all good games if you want to betray your friends.

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Telling Lies is from the same developer as Her Story.

Telling Lies is from the same developer as Her Story. It's named as an investigative thriller game with non-linear storytelling by the developer.

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