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Schrodinger's Cat

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Schrodinger's Cat Burglar is a stealth puzzle game where you play Mittens the cat who can use quantum theory to divide in two. You play by controlling Mittens and infiltrating a secret research facility and taking advantage of being able to be in two places at the same time. It's like Tenet meets Toy Story and stands out for how it combines quantum puzzles and environmental storytelling.

Aided by Lazy Susan the hedgehog for some radio back-up, Mittens stumbles into a quantum experiment and gains this unusual power: the ability to be in two places at once. Not only that but being observed in either location means the other cat becomes "theoretical" and pass undetected by security and unobstructed by locked doors. The "uncertainty principle" of quantum physics is actually a boon here, not a limitation.

As you explore the facility you find logs and emails that uncover not only the history of characters but a fascinating story about the place and the weird experiments they've been up to. The result is a mystery that is solved by way of puzzles, exploration and lateral thinking.

Our examiner, Andy Robertson, first checked Schrodinger's Cat Burglar 21 months ago. It was re-examined by Jo Robertson and updated 13 months ago.
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This is a Brain Game and Traversal game with Adventure, Puzzle and Stealth elements. This is a single-player game.

You can play this game in the following styles:


We haven't documented duration data for this game yet.

Age RatingsAge Ratings

Content Rating

This game has not yet been rated, but we anticipate it is likely to be rated PEGI 3.

Skill Level

10+ year-olds usually have the required skill to enjoy this game. Younger players need to be able to deal with spatial puzzles and have good lateral thinking skills. The quantum aspect of the play adds some complexity that youngsters need to get their heads around to enjoy the puzzles.


Schrodinger's Cat Burglar

Steam Store PC Coming Soon
There are no additional in-game purchases, loot boxes, adverts or subscription costs.

DetailsGame Details

Release Date: Coming soon

Coming Soon: PC

Skill Rating: 10+ year-olds

Players: 1

Genres: Brain Game, Traversal (Adventure, Puzzle and Stealth)

Accessibility: 37 features

Components: 3D Third-Person and Cartoon

Developer: Abandoned Sheep (@_AbandonedSheep)

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