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Gaming Awards
Each year we pick a handful of amazing games to suggest to the millions of families who visit the site every month. It's a select club of games that have past our high standards for how good they are for families of different ages.

Award Nominations

If you are a developer and have made a game you'd like to nominate for the Family Gaming Database Awards, or if you are a family who would like to suggest a game you have enjoyed, do email our editor.

Winning games are chosen through the year by our panel of parents and guardians and are chosen on the basis of:
  • Quality: The game offers an experience that is of high quality.
  • Originality: The game is a new take on a game idea or a completely new way to play.
  • Appropriate: The game is great for a specific age group in the family.
  • Accessibility: The game has considered accessibility.
  • Approachable: The game is welcoming to new players.
  • Affordable: The game offers good value and doesn't pressure players into further purchases.

Award Winners

We pick 10 games a year our Family Gaming Database Award. These games get our Recommended badge of approval and are featured more prominently on the site and in search results. The recent award winners include the following, and you can also view the full list.

Badge of Honour

If you are a developer whose game has earned the Family Gaming Database award, you can use the badge on your website (like this), game box and promotional materials provided you link to your review on

Image 358 Image 359 Image 360
Download Link

If you are a developer whose game has been selected to be included on the Family Gaming Database, you can use this badge on your website, game box and promotional materials provided you link to your review on

Image 361 Image 362 Image 363
Download Link

Minimum size: To ensure legibility and allow for ease of recognition, the logo should never be reproduced any smaller than 20mm or 100 pixels in height.
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