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Play OverviewPlay Overview

Pepper Grinder (2024) is an action-adventure game about a hero with an unusual weapon: a super-powered drill. Play is all about using this drill in interesting ways, combining running and jumping with tunnelling through the dirt of the terrain. It's a novel idea but really stands out for the flow of the movement where your burrowing feels like swimming as a dolphin.

You are a shipwrecked pirate whose treasure has been stolen. You use your trusty drill to traverse the levels, reclaiming your treasure as you go. You burrow through terrain and water while also triggering other mechanisms to let you progress.

As you progress you encounter mysterious beings who stand in your way as they emerge from the shadows. You'll need to take them on these enemies and make use of the various mechanical artefacts. As you go you cash in the jewels you collect to power up Pepper, open up new paths on the world map, and snag collectible stickers for your sticker book.

The result is a game that's a novel idea. What makes it really fun, is how the drilling traversal is implemented. What starts as a way to dig up treasure soon becomes a flowing method to swim through each level.

Our examiner, Jo Robertson, first checked Pepper Grinder 20 months ago. It was re-examined by Andy Robertson and updated 3 weeks ago.
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Play StylePlay Style

This is a Collecting and Traversal game with Adventure, Fighting, Platform and Simulation elements. This is a single-player game.

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Age RatingsAge Ratings

Content Rating

Rated PEGI 7 for Violence. This game features mild violence. Enemy characters flash when hit and damage is indicated using numbers, without blood or injury detail. When the player's character is defeated, it falls off screen and respawns. 2D side-scrolling platformer in which your pixelated, non-detailed human-like character uses a large drill to navigate the terrain and fend off enemy fantasy creatures.

When you drill into enemies to kill them, they are dismembered into skeletons with skulls and bones and then disappear.

Skill Level

8+ year-olds usually have the required skill to enjoy this game. Younger players need to be able to cope with making quick decisions with fast reactions to traverse the levels and deal with enemies.


Pepper Grinder usually costs £12.79 to £13.49.

Pepper Grinder

XBox Store Xbox X|S Coming Soon
XBox Store Xbox One Coming Soon
Switch Store Switch £13.49
Switch Store Switch £13.49
Switch Store Switch £13.49
Steam Store PC £12.79
Steam Store Mac £12.79
PlayStation Store PS5 Coming Soon
PlayStation Store PS4 Coming Soon
There are no additional in-game purchases, loot boxes, adverts or subscription costs.

DetailsGame Details

Release Date: 28/03/2024, updated in 2024

Out Now: Mac, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox X|S

Skill Rating: 8+ year-olds

Players: 1

Genres: Collecting, Traversal (Adventure, Fighting, Platform and Simulation)

Accessibility: 26 features

Components: 2D Side-On and Pixels

Developer: Ahr Ech (@Ahr_Ech)

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