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Games For The
Elder Years

Video games are usually thought of as something for young people. In fact, many parents hope that their kids will grow out of playing games. However, more likely, they will have a lifelong relationship with video games in some form or other.

With this in mind, what are good games for older people who maybe didn't grow up playing games? These aren’t the usual crossword, text adventures (or even brain training) that often get suggested for older players, but games that offer interactions only possible in the medium of play.

Our editor, Andy Robertson wrote about how his mum approached video games for Eurogamer, which led to this list that we've updated with comments and suggestions from that article.
This list includes 16 games from the last 17 years, with 769 likes. They come from a range of different genres and play-styles and are all good games if you want to play games in your twilight years.

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