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28 Great Games Like Speedy Roll

Our experts have spent time searching for great games similar to Speedy Roll and have found the following:

Speedy Roll (also known as Hedgehog Roll) is an action dexterity game where you roll the hedgehog (a fuzzy tennis ball with eyes) to collect woodland items that stick to it. This determines which path you can take through the forest to get back home before the fox.

Unfortunately, Speedy Roll is not available on Android, Mac, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S or iOS. However, we recommend the following games that offer a similar experience or theme:

DetailsGame Details

Release Date: 01/01/2019

Skill Rating: 3+ year-olds

Players: 2-4

Genres: Action, Traversal (Collecting, Dexterity and Sequencing)

Accessibility: 0 features documented

Components: Board, Figures, Placeables and Tokens

Costs: Purchase cost

6 Similar Games Short List

Here are our hand-picked short list of similar games; the perfect thing to play next if you enjoyed Speedy Roll. We don't use automatic matching, instead, we hand-pick games that are good to play if you have enjoyed Speedy Roll.

Bugs in the Kitchen

Release Date: 01/01/2013

Skill Rating: 5+ year-olds

Components: Board, Dice, Gadget, Placeables and Tokens

Bugs in the Kitchen is a fast-paced puzzle game where you have to trap a constantly moving robot bug. You play by rolling dice and turning Maze pieces to create paths for the digital bug to scuttle down. It's chaotic fun where you have to be quick to...

Ice Cool (Series)

Release Date: 30/05/2016

Skill Rating: 6+ year-olds

Components: Board, Cards and Figures

Ice Cool, and the follow-up Ice Cool 2, is an action game where you flick plastic Penguins around cardboard school rooms to collect points and avoid the Catcher. Like a cross between Subbuteo and Cluedo, you slide, jump and barrel your penguin through...

Zombie Kidz Evolution

Release Date: 01/01/2018

Skill Rating: 5+ year-olds

Components: Board, Cards, Dice, Figures, Score Board and Tokens

Zombie Kidz Evolution is a cooperative traversal game where you work together to kill zombies invading a school. You move into the colour-coded rooms to deal with zombies and lock the doors to stop more monsters from appearing. The novelty is that as...

Valley of the Vikings

Release Date: 01/01/2019

Skill Rating: 5+ year-olds

Components: Board, Figures, Placeables and Tokens

Valley of the Vikings is a dexterity traversal game where real barrel bowling fuels a race for gold. Along with the fun of knocking the barrels over is a looping scoring track where sequence is all important and strategy abounds. It's a great balance of...


Release Date: 01/01/2013

Skill Rating: 5+ year-olds

Components: Figures and Placeables

Coconuts is a dexterity game where you fire coconuts into cups using a Monkey launcher. Get the coconuts into the cups to add them to your pyramid. There's more skill (and cunning) than first appears as you can get coconuts into your opponent's cups to...

Teeter Tower

Release Date: 01/01/2022

Skill Rating: 6+ year-olds

Components: Bag, Dice and Placeables

Teeter Tower is a cooperative dexterity game where you build a tower of dice and tiles. You play by rolling dice, stacking the beer mat shaped tiles, and hoping your choice of placement doesn’t lead to the tower collapsing. It is a game of trying...


12 Similar Video Games to Speedy Roll

These are our hand-picked similar video games to the Speedy Roll board game. This doesn't use automatic matching, instead, we hand-pick games that are good to play if you have enjoyed Labyrinth. These selections also include games that offer a different experience but address a similar theme or topic.

13 Board Games Like Speedy Roll Based on Genre

These are games of a similar genre mix to Speedy Roll. This includes games from the Traversal, Action, Dexterity, Sequencing and Collecting genres. We pick out games of a similar PEGI rating to further hone these generated suggestions.

Speedy Roll is in These Lists

In addition to the similar games listed above, which have been linked to this game specifically in the database, you may find games with a similar theme to Speedy Roll in the following lists:

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