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Video games are exciting for children. Like anything popular for youngsters, many dream of being able to work in the video game industry when they get older. However, as a relatively new media, it can be hard to know how to help a child inspired to move from a hobby to a career.

We’ve worked with Into Games, a non-profit organisation that supports people in finding rewarding careers in the games industry. They run programmes that provide inspiration and educational pathways for anyone wanting to make video games their job.

This isn’t just about being a programmer. Whether your child is great at being organised, designing things, drawing, performing, telling Stories or working in a team there are loads of roles that might fit them: Animator, Campaign Manager, Narrative Designer, Esports Events Manager, Playtester and Voiceover Artist are just the start.

The games in this list offer the chance to not only play but also to build these skills and experiences as you have fun. They are a great way to dip a toe into the multifaceted roles and experience of making video games.

Some of the games, like FanCade, Super Mario Maker or Dreams, are a great way to start making your own games. Other games, Roblox and LittleBigPlanet, are a chance to see what other amateur game makers are creating. Then there are games, like Going Under, Satisfactory, Good Pizza Great Pizza and Stormworks: Build and Rescue that give you a taste of other roles in the industry.
This list includes 25 games from the last 16 years, with 1,155 likes. They come from a range of different genres and play-styles and are all good games if you want to see games as a career.

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Taming Gaming Book Written by parents for parents, the database complements the in-depth discussion about video game addiction, violence, spending and online safety in the Taming Gaming book. We are an editorially independent, free resource without adverts that is supported by partnerships.

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