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The Roblox Collection

In this game platform, amateur game-makers create simple online games that often mimic real-world grown-up scenarios, like working in a pizza restaurant, surviving natural disasters, escaping prison, scuba diving or playing hide-and-seek. The library of games is fast-changing and specific games mimic the evolving rules of playground games. Playing with other children and the novelty of familiar topics make this game hugely popular. It also offers children a safe way to experience a huge variety of make-believe scenarios online.

Ensure you have selected the “Restricted Mode” in the users settings for younger players. This ensures they can only play games that have been approved by Roblox itself as suitable for a wide audience. You can also specify how they interact with other users in these settings.

You can access Roblox games without a subscription, although many families choose to pay for a subscription that grants access to features and Robux currency in the game without the risk of individual transactions. Outside the game, you can make larger purchases.

The subscription grants 450 Robux a month as well as discounts on buying more Robux and access to selling and trading items with other subscribed Roblox players. The games generally encourage the spending of Robux to progress as a proportion of the money spent goes to the person who creates the game.

Some Roblox games offer "loot box" style purchases. These are required to disclose the odds of getting each item, regardless of how it is purchased.

Up to £199.99 for 22,500 Robux on Xbox. And up to £23.99 on iOS and £184.99 on Android. In the game you are limited in how many Robux you can buy in one transaction:

  • £0.99 for 80 Robux
  • £4.99 for 400 Robux
  • £9.99 for 800 Robux


DetailsCollection Details

PEGI Ratings: PEGI 3 to PEGI 12
Australian Ratings: G to M
Genres: Action, Adventure, Battle, Brain Game, Collecting, Communication, Creative, Fighting, Narrative, Platform, Puzzle, Race, Rhythm, Role-Play, Sequencing, Shooting, Simulation, Sports, Stealth, Strategy and Traversal
Release dates: 2008 - 2023
Platforms: Amazon Fire, Android, Game Boy Advance, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and iOS
Developers: @Alexnewtron, @Badimo, @Blade_Ball, @BlockmanGo, @BloxFruits, @BuildIntoGames, @ChillzStudios, @DaRealMiniToon, @Dued1_Roblox, @HexagonDcRoblox, @InnerslothDevs, @KuboGamesRBLX, @LightningSplash, @MousetrapRBLX, @NightBarbie, @NikilisRbx, @OnettDev, @PlayAdoptMe, @Quataun, @RBX_Coeptus, @RealDaireb, @Roblox, @RoyandCharcle, @RuddevMedia, @SamuelAgent3, @StyLis_Studios, @SuperSocialPlay, @UglyBurger0 and @WCRPRoblox


Adopt Me! is one of the most popular Roblox games.

Adopt Me! is one of the most popular Roblox games. In a rudimentary way, it simulates daily life.

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