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Convincing Strangers
To Help You

Many video games are enjoyable because of the independence they offer. You get to try out being the master of your own fate with all the power and ability you need to do that. Some games flip this on its head. They task you with convincing strangers to help you on a mission that will fail without their help.

Sometimes this is as simple as finding another player of Animal Crossing to share their rare fruit. But also, like in One Hour One Life, you find yourself tapping out one-letter messages to try and convince a stranger to feed you until you can fend for yourself. Then there are those encounters where you discover help from another player who knows the world like the back of their hand.

Alongside the real-time encounters are games where you rely on the kindness of other players for the resources and messages they left behind. From the infrastructure building of Death Stranding to the encouraging messages in Kind Words this takes all shapes and sizes.
This list includes 26 games from the last 15 years, with 932 likes. They come from a range of different genres and play-styles and are all good games if you want to rely on others. We break them down into the following areas:

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Potionomics is a potion-brewing game where you make friends, run a shop, and haggle for deals in turn-based card battles. As you play, you must keep careful track of time to ensure that you have your best potions ready for the competition every ten...

Other Player's Encouragement

The First Tree

The First Tree is an exploration narrative game where you explore a forest wilderness as a mother fox looking for her cubs. Simultaneously, you revisit childhood memories in spoken reflection from two lovers remembering the dream and their formative years.

Book of Travels

Book of Travels is a role-playing game. It's an unusual online game that focuses on the small rather than the massive. You explore an open world to find others to travel with, gather resources, craft items and learn abilities. It's a game that invites...

Kind Words

Kind Words is unusual because of the main interaction. You write letters to real people and receive back encouraging letters in return. Set in a cosy room with soft furnishings and relaxing music, it creates a space in which to find support and...

Dark Souls II

Dark Souls II is a fighting game with an emphasis on precise timing and extreme difficulty. You navigate through labyrinthine ruins and ancient kingdoms, defeating monsters with your weapons and magic. It pairs immense difficulty with a grand story and...

Kind Words 2

Kind Words 2 is an online communication game that expands upon the original Kind Words game where you wrote and received letters from an online community. Play is simply moving around social spaces and conversing with other players through letters to...

Other Player's Guidance


Journey is an adventure game set in a desert. Exploring the eerie sandscape, you discover a world abandoned by the race that created it. The sense of space and scale evokes feelings of aloneness and being lost. But then the game pairs you with other...

Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a role-play game set in a fictional world created by fantasy novelist George R. R. Martin, with a focus on combat similar to Demon's Souls and an open world with real time and weather like Zelda Breath of the Wild.

Demon's Souls

Demon's Souls is a fighting and exploration game where you take on monstrous enemies in tough-as-nails combat. You navigate interconnected locations while fighting enemies with weapons and magic, timing your attacks, dodges, and parries exactly. It...

Dark Souls

Dark Souls is a fighting game with an emphasis on precise timing and extreme difficulty. You navigate through labyrinthine ruins and ancient kingdoms, defeating monsters with your weapons and magic. A spiritual successor to [link to game/Demons+Souls...

Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III is a fighting game with an emphasis on precise timing and extreme difficulty. You explore labyrinthine ruins and ancient kingdoms and defeat monsters with your weapons and magic. The final entry in the Dark Souls trilogy features the same...


Bloodborne is a fighting game where you defeat monsters in demanding combat. As you navigate the labyrinthine levels, you use weapons, which can transform between fast-paced and weak and slower but more powerful forms, to attack, dodge, and parry...

Other Player's Resources

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a role-play collecting game where you live on a small island teeming with life. Insects, fish, trees, vegetation and fossils are represented with cute cartoon visuals. Rather than the scale or grandeur of other game...


Rust (also, Rust: Console Edition) is an online survival game set in the wilderness. You explore, gather and craft materials to manage hunger, thirst, health and protection. The preparation is to ward off the threat of bears, wolves and (more commonly)...

Sky Children of the Light

Sky Children of the Light (Sky Children of Light) is a huge open-world online game designed to create altruism between players. From the developer of Flower and Journey, it takes you on a social adventure in an ever-expanding world with up to 8 other...

One Hour One Life

One Hour One Life is a civilisation survival game where each player lives a whole life in an hour of play and then passes away. Born as a baby into the care of anonymous other online players, you initially depend on them for food. Quickly growing, you...


Everdale is an online strategy game where you build a village. With the help of friends you develop a society that survives on the basis of savvy cooperation. Unlike other civilisation games though, there is no fighting or combat. The focus is on...

Death Stranding

Death Stranding is an exploration game where you deliver supplies across a vast shattered, post-apocalyptic America while protecting and caring for a baby. It's intentionally slow, sometimes excruciatingly so, which means you carefully consider your...

Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition (Roblox)

Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition is a role-play game based on the feline adventures in Erin Hunter's Warriors books. You create and customise your cat character to join one of the clans to play your part in the cat hierarchy and adventures. It stands out...

Feather Family (Roblox)

Feather Family is a role-play game where you play all manner of birds at different stages of development. You select your species, design your feathers and explore different locations with other players. The game lets you pick up other players, eat...

King Of The Castle

King Of The Castle is a narrative strategy game where you play a monarch battling nobles for power in a kingdom. The twist is that the nobles are controlled by other players who also have their own factions and objectives. You play by making decisions...


KarmaZoo is a cooperative running and jumping game where you work with layers to complete platform levels. Each player controls one of 50 different creatures and objects to use their different abilities (drop ladders, make surfaces grippy) to help the...


Barotrauma is a cooperative space-submarine adventure set after humanity has fled to Jupiter's moon. You work with other players to steer your submarine, work the ageing machinery, fight monsters and fix the endless leaks. It's a game that revels in not...

Paper Ghost Stories: Third Eye Open

Paper Ghost Stories: Third Eye Open is a creepy narrative adventure set in early 2000s Malaysia. In its paper-theatre world, you join Ting, a 5-year-old girl trying to come to terms with her supernatural powers. You play in point-and-click fashion,...

The Flower Collectors

The Flower Collectors is a point-and-click game set in post-Franco Barcelona, about an ex-cop in a wheelchair, witnessing a murder. Play is based in your apartment, using cameras and binoculars to observe and work out what happened. Unlike other murder...


Foxhole is a strategic battle, where you play with hundreds of others to manage not only the front lines of war but also the infrastructure behind your offensive. From your overhead view, you collaborate to devise strategies and build bases, railways,...

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