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Best Roguelike Games

Roguelike games have become a popular way to offer progression to players. These are games usually played in goes or runs that end and then you start again. It was popularised by the game Rogue which required players to battle a dungeon until they died (or escape with the loot) and then try again.

There are a couple of different ways that modern games offer this. Roguelites task players with entering tough runs of gameplay but allow them to retain some progress when they die. Roguelikes are usually a tougher challenge and don't offer progression between runs.

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Genres: Action, Adventure, Battle, Brain Game, Collecting, Communication, Creative, Fighting, Narrative, Platform, Point-and-Click, Puzzle, Rhythm, Role-Play, Sequencing, Shooting, Simulation, Sports, Strategy, Traversal and World Building
Era: 2013 - 2024
Total Games: 49
Total Likes: 167

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